Retail Experience

Seize every revenue opportunity

Amdocs Retail Experience is a new solution that empowers service providers’ retail sales associates to seize every revenue opportunity in their stores while delivering a differentiated brand experience. The solution introduces a groundbreaking product, Amdocs Retail Interaction Manager. It integrates all the retail systems that play a role in store interactions, including business support systems (BSS) such as CRM, Ordering and Enterprise Product Catalog, as well as in-store systems such as point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management.

  • Reduce store handling times
  • Reduce store rep learning curve
  • Quickly hone in on the products and services that are most suitable for each customer
  • Reduce the need for store reps to call the contact center to complete transactions
  • Eliminate manual errors and revenue leakage
  • Increase customer wallet share and drive average revenue per user (ARPU)