Retail Experience

Seize every revenue opportunity

With the increased adoption of digital channels, retail channels need to evolve in order to provide a superior experience to customers. This, in turn, helps service providers better deliver brand value and promise to their customer.

Amdocs Retail Experience empowers service providers’ retail sales associates to seize every revenue opportunity to better engage their customers. The solution delivers complete retail capabilities from managing store appointments and inventory to delivering the right customer context into the hands of the agent and the ability for the agent to pick up the customer interaction from where it may have been left off on another channel.

The retail solution also provides consistent customer information and a journey summarizing interactions across other channels, truly empowering the retail agent to deliver a differentiated experience.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced store handling times
  • Personalized in-store experience
  • Improved store boarding experience
  • Integrated to digital channels for complete omni-channel customer engagement

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