Smart Agent Desktop Solution

Help your call center agents focus on the right things

Agents face a daunting task in most contact centers. They’re out on the front lines, often with minimal training, expected to be knowledgeable not only about the products and services they’re meant to sell, but also about finding their way through the many different contact center applications and processes. Dozens of applications crowd the agents’ desktop and knowing which application to access at what time can take months to master and can force your agent to focus on the systems, rather than on the customers. At the same time, the agents have to handle all inquiries from your customers as quickly and accurately as possible.

With the customer experience continuing to be a driving force in most contact centers, it's critical to simplify the contact center environment so that agents can become much more effective. One of North-America's largest operators estimated that by deploying a unified desktop for their agents, they would shave 17 seconds off their average handling time (AHT) and actually save $12 million annually while improving the customer experience.

Amdocs, a multiple-award winner for contact center solutions, can help your agents focus on the right things with the Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop Solution. Its smart guidance capabilities deliver context-sensitive advice during the actual call itself and a streamlined, process driven user interface guides the agent through the interaction.

The Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop provides one unified desktop for accessing and using multiple, disparate applications to help:

  • Provide relevant, timely information
  • Reduce agent training time
  • Increase first call resolution
  • Reduce average handling time
  • Optimize contact center workload
  • Provide a consistent customer experience every time
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

The services of Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop solution include:

  • Contact Center Study
  • User Experience Design Service
  • GUI Visualization Presentation
  • Benefits Analysis Service
  • Deployment Support