Customer Management

It's all about the customer experience

In today’s hyper-connected world, consumers have high expectations. Most consumers don’t like calling the contact center. Yet, they don’t have any other choice. They seek assistance from the contact center or store due to difficult online experiences. Many customers also notice that they get different answers online to when talking to a service rep. This inconsistency detracts from satisfaction loyalty, and contributes to churn. Finally, customers would like solutions to their care issues before they are aware of them, and feel that service providers should be more proactive.

This trend negatively impacts every customer experience metric – especially the net promoter score (NPS), which is characteristically low in the communications industry.

Our vision to rethinking the customer experience is to MAKE EVERY INTERACTION COUNT. Amdocs Customer Management Suite does this by:

  • Making every interaction simple with intuitive and usable interfaces, presenting only the data relevant to the transaction, and minimizing the number of steps required to complete an interaction.

  • Making every interaction consistent by ensuring every channel and touch point provides the same answer and service. This applies to product and customer information as well as to the look and feel. Such an ecosystem furthers the ‘digital first’ lifestyle by allowing interactions to seamlessly span two or more channels.

  • Making every interaction personal so that every customer is treated individually. Interactions are designed to factor in the current customer context. Systems anticipate and proactively address customer needs.

  • Making every interaction valuable so that customers get significant value for their money. This includes providing personalized cross- and up-sell offers that are timely and often accepted – and thereby increase customer lifetime value. The operational side of this is the ability to introduce innovative offers quickly, and ensure every customer order is fulfilled as promised.

All of this contributes to service providers’ business metrics and bottom line:

  • Making interactions simple increases efficiency and reduces costs

  • Making interactions consistent increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn

  • Making interactions personal increases loyalty and NPS

  • Making interactions valuable accelerates growth by seizing every revenue opportunity

To deliver on the vision of “making every interaction count”, Amdocs offers its Customer Management Suite. It includes channel applications, as well as underlying sales, ordering and customer care systems. All applications have adopted the Omni Channel User Experience, which is a new UI framework that aims to ensure consistency on the user experience level.

Amdocs Customer Management solutions:

  • Omni-Channel User Experience enables service providers to deliver a consistent user experience across channels and touch points.

  • Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop unifies your agents' desktop to optimize contact center operations across all lines of business, for all business processes

  • Amdocs ​Multichannel Self Service enables customers to easily self-manage their account and shop online, utilizing the web portal or any mobile device, smartphone or tablet

  • Amdocs Retail Experience empowers service providers' retail sales associates to seize every revenue opportunity, while delivering a more efficient in-store experience

  • Amdocs Convergent Order Hub provides an automated end-to-end ordering solution to reduce error fallout rates and operational complexity, while providing a superior customer experience to customers

  • Amdocs Proactive Care anticipates customer care needs and addresses them proactively

  • Amdocs Social Care enables service providers to quickly resolve customer issues on social media.