Proactive Insight Using Predictive Analytics

Each Customer is Unique, Why Provide the Same Experience to Each One?

What does "Big Data" mean for the customer experience?  With millions of customers interacting across multiple channels and creating massive volumes of events and behavioral data, and moments of truth, service providers are capturing huge amounts of dynamic customer context - with real-time implications. So the questions facing service providers are: how do you derive meaning from all this data? How do you operationalize this data to improve the customer experience and act according to "segments of one" (understanding and approaching each customer as an individual, based on all that the organization knows - or should know - about the customer)? By deriving meaning from big data and operationalizing it, service providers can transform big data from a network burden to an economic asset.

Amdocs Proactive Insight operationalizes massive amounts of data by deriving relevant meaning - an understanding of implications through sophisticated service provider-specific predictive analytics - to produce information that is ultimately actionable when mapped to customer context in real time.  
Amdocs Proactive Insight will help you:

  • Understand your customers by creating and maintaining up-to-date customer context

  • Anticipate potential issues for care with a high degree of accuracy

  • Apply business policies and rules to provide a unique action and experience for each customer

Proactive Insight Solutions