Configure Price Quote

Connect your sales to your BSS

Is your B2B sales cycle too long and cumbersome? Are your sales reps spending more time doing back-office tasks instead of out selling in the field?

Amdocs Configure Price Quote bridges the gap between on-cloud sales force automation (SFA) and on-premise BSS systems by providing the following key capabilities:

  • Seamless and modern user experience that optimizes the sales and order experience including easy integration with sales force automation systems

  • Framework agreement solution supporting multi-play and complex products available as widgets for use in all channels

  • Ability to model complex business products involving multiple sites, and automate the lead to order cycle for large corporate orders
Configure Price Quote - Questioneer

  • Improve velocity and accuracy of proposal generation and order capture

  • Increase revenue with better contract compliance, profitability and renewal rate

  • Complete visibility and control across sales process and channels

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