Convergent Order Hub

Orchestrating orders across all channels and different lines of business

As demand increases for convergent triple and quad-play bundles, service providers often focus on capturing customer orders while paying less attention to how those orders are handled across different lines of business. The result? Unnecessary order fallout and broken promises to the customer.

Amdocs Convergent Order Hub provides a centralized ordering process to ensure accurate and efficient order delivery regardless of where the order was captured. Designed for easy integration with multiple systems and applications for your ordering process, Amdocs Convergent Order Hub allows customers and customer care representatives to monitor and track the order at any point in time.

A foundation with flexible business process management tools, Amdocs Convergent Order Hub provides out-of-box telco specific functionalities along with end-to-end visibility and control of order process using big data analytics and dashboard. ​

Amdocs Convergent Order Hub
​​Amdocs Convergent Order Hub delivers the following business benefits:

  • Reduces operational costs with increased automation across all channels
  • Minimizes order fallout, enforcing strong control on order flows and dependencies and automatic/manual remediation configuration
  • Flexible business processes configuration allows you to future-proof your ordering processes-, as you quickly change and experiment with options for new media and devices
  • Closing the loop on order-to-cash cycle by integrating with billing system and preventing delayed revenue
  • Reduces churn by ensuring all orders are delivered to the customer's satisfaction and aligned with billing
  • End-to-end ownership of Post Submit Order Handling with KPIs and SLA monitoring and commitment