Convergent Order Hub

Get orders right the first time

Your sales and ordering process is at the core of your business, and interacts with multiple systems and applications. As a result, the end-to-end ordering process is fraught with errors. How can you ensure that your customers get what they asked for, and paid, for?

Amdocs Convergent Order Hub not only provides an ideal purchase experience, but also manages your end-to-end ordering process to ensure accurate delivery. Designed for easy integration with multiple systems and applications for your ordering process, it allows customers and customer care representatives to monitor and track the order at any point in time. It also provides:

  • End-to-end ordering from order capture to order completion
  • Support for multiple channels: web, contact center, retail stores, dealer networks, etc.
  • Persistence across channels so that customer information is not lost mid-order
  • Automatic notifications to alert back-office teams to manually correct errors
  • Flexible configuration of product information allows business users to change information rapidly without IT support
  • Flexible business processes configuration allows you to future-proof your ordering processes-, as you quickly change and experiment with options for new media and devices
  • Out-of-box functionality for critical capabilities such as address and credit card validation

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