Sales and Ordering

Converge your sales channels to seize every revenue opportunity

Different customers like to shop on different channels. Some prefer to go online, others enjoy visiting a store, while others would rather contact the call center. In reality, many customers end up using multiple channels for a single transaction.

The problem for most customers is that they don’t get a simple, consistent experience across all channels. They find it difficult to move a transaction to another channel, and pick up where they left off.

And because most service providers have separate IT systems for each channel, the customer is unable to seamlessly move a transaction between channels, leading to frustration – and sometimes churn.

Our solutions answer the call for a new approach.

With Amdocs Sales and Ordering offerings, services providers are empowered with an ecosystem that brings all the different channels together. These allow customers to seamlessly hop between multiple channels during a single purchase.

Our solutions provide a complete and automated process for the order-to-cash cycle. Orders can be captured via many channels and touch points, including mobile, web self-service, contact center, and retail shops. The order is captured, validated, and then processed – leading to all necessary actions for order fulfillment.

Other benefits include:

  • Monitoring and tracking to minimize order fallout
  • Less system complexity
  • Reduced training time for service representatives
  • Minimized revenue leakage

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