Amdocs Delivery

Powering Fearless Transformations

Transformation projects are critical for breathing new life into a business but the average project can take years. With high stakes and numerous pitfalls along the way, the key to navigating the project delivery transformation maze is partnering with experts.

Amdocs has been supporting service providers for over three decades, with thousands of delivery experts across the globe simultaneously running 120 projects, with a success rate of over 95%.

Efficiency in carrying out these initiatives requires deep industry understanding, field-proven structured methodologies, and an extensive knowledge of best practices. Our implementation professionals are intimately acquainted with each element in the ecosystem’s surrounding communication-specific IT systems, products, and customers.

Key Amdocs Delivery services include:

  • Solution design: Clear management of expectations for every stage of the project lifecycle

  • Customization and implementation: Delivery on configuration and development needs for product enhancement in accordance with business requirements

  • Infrastructure services: Infrastructure services, from system planning and design, to implementation and deployment, are comprised of technical architecture support for keeping systems running smoothly and customer data safe

  • Data services: Offers range from migrating legacy system data and ensuring consistency without compromising data structure and content, to analyzing business intelligence data needed to run campaigns and strategies across the organization

  • Deployment and testing: End-to-end support until the new system is fully operational, assuring high quality system integration.

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