Amdocs Connected Home Customer Success Stories: Tyco’s Global Security Service and Installation Businesses

The (R-)Evolution of the Traditional Home Security Market towards Smart Security

The Challenge

The Home Security market is transforming. The massive adoption of smartphones and the penetration of high-speed data accesses has opened-up a brand new set of possibilities. Home owners are now expecting more from their Security Systems. Not only do they want to set and unset their system remotely from the palm of their hand, they now expect to watch real-time video stream from their IP Cameras, control their lights, set their thermostats, unlock their door, all this through an integrated and comprehensive solution: a Smart Security solution.

Smart Security combines Home Security and Home Automation. It allows Security Service providers such as Tyco to:
  • Increase their ARPU
  • Increase the user stickiness
While improving the customer experience.

The Solution – Amdocs Connected Home and Tyco Security Products

Amdocs Connected Home has been developed to bring remote security panel control, Home Automation, IP Video and Energy Monitoring on top of best in class Home Security Systems from Tyco.

Cloud-based Platform: to deliver the Connected Home services to several customers (see references below), Amdocs has deployed a multi-tenant platform on top of AWS Cloud. One platform is hosted in AWS Europe while the other is in AWS Latin America for proximity and Data Privacy reasons.

Security: the Amdocs solution grants remote access to consumer’s houses. As a result, the service requires carrier grade IT Security. Amdocs and Tyco have an extensive experience and expertise in securing data and Amazon Security Groups have been further involved to maximize the level of protection.

App Layer: AWS EC2 servers with auto scaling and multi-zone setup further strength the solution. UAT environments allow our customers to test new releases before a new release upgrade of the production environment.

The Outcome

​A number of Tyco’s global security installation and service businesses (referenced below) have been able to quickly launch innovative Smart Security offerings, allowing their customers to benefit from a broad range of new modern functionalities.

Customer References – 6 Tyco security installation and service businesses in 6 different countries, each of which are Johnson Controls International PLC companies:

  1. ADT UK
  2. ADT South-Africa
  3. TIFS Spain
  4. ADT Mexico
  5. ADT Argentina
  6. ADT Chile

Results and Benefits

The Amdocs managed services and SW development capabilities, associated to the strong Tyco expertise in Home Security and coupled with the support of AWS has enabled quick deployment of Smart Security solutions in multiple countries.​​​