M2M Solution

Making the most of the machine-to-machine opportunity

Everyone’s talking about the new opportunities that are opening up in the M2M market. It’s a complex ecosystem of partners, devices, services and vendors, which means service providers have to face unique challenges, and which includes choosing between a range of different strategies.

But whether a service provider decides to go with a "connectivity-only" play or an "ecosystem-enabler" strategy, they still have to be prepared with the right business and supporting systems. They also have to be able to make offers attractive enough to persuade M2M partners to join them, while always keeping in mind the unusual low-ARPU & high-volume nature of this market. And then there’s the importance of organizational agility and flexibility – this is what allows the service providers to adopt the new business and pricing models that can take full advantage of this growing opportunity.

The Amdocs Connected Device Framework:
  • Enables service providers to generate new revenues from the exponential growth in M2M, such as connected consumer electronics, automobile, utilities and more

  • Simplifies the complexity of working with multiple partners, devices and business models

  • Provides a low-cost wholesale connectivity platform and enablers to help maintain profitability, even when launching low-ARPU devices

  • Enables and accelerates growth for the connected device ecosystem by empowering partners to design, launch and manage their own connected devices on the network

  • Allows service providers to extend their role in the value chain and drive revenues from value-added services beyond device connectivity
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video: Amdocs M2M Enablement Suite - Be Efficient