Digital Lifestyle Services

The right way to drive growth

The digital services consumption rate is skyrocketing. This is good news for service providers, who are now in position to offer customers new services that will drive significant revenue growth...but only if done right.

These services must be compelling, discoverable, simple to use, secured and most importantly, personalized to each user. Service providers can provide a safe and comprehensive "digital life" to customers, complete with ubiquitous services access, controlled quality of service, clear charging and safe payment mechanisms.

Amdocs Digital Lifestyle Services suite consists of such packaged and ready-to-use solutions that enable service providers to stay ahead of their competitors. It is comprised of: :

  • M2M Solution - a packaged, pre-configured end-to-end solution based on production-proven technology that allows service providers to quickly onboard and support partners offering M2M applications such as smart utility meters, connected electrical vehicles and connected wellness

  • Amdocs Unified Communications - a rich service provider-branded solution that enables service providers to go to market quickly with an innovative mobile application, bringing messaging services, video and voice over IP (VoIP) calling together for an even better user experience in the connected world.

  • Amdocs Connected Home - a packaged, ready-to-use...suite of services delivered by a single, convergent, cloud-based environment. This suite includes home monitoring, automation and comfort, energy management, wellness and assisted living, and entertainment and multimedia.