Amdocs Digital Services


The digital services consumption rate is skyrocketing. This is good news for service providers, who are now in position to offer customers new services that will drive significant revenue growth ... but only if done right.

These services must be compelling, discoverable, simple to use, secured and most importantly, personalized to each user. Service providers can provide a safe and comprehensive "digital life" to customers, complete with ubiquitous services access, controlled quality of service, clear charging and safe payment mechanisms.

Amdocs Digital Services suite  consists of  such packaged and ready-to-use solutions that enable service providers to stay ahead of their competitors. It is comprised of:

Amdocs Unified Communications Solution is a rich service provider-branded solution that enables service providers to go to market quickly with an innovative mobile application, bringing messaging services, video and voice over IP (VoIP) calling together for an even better user experience in the connected world.

Amdocs Connected Home Solution - a packaged, ready-to-use suite of services delivered by a single, convergent, cloud-based environment. This suite includes home monitoring, automation and comfort, energy management, wellness and assisted living, and entertainment and multimedia.

Amdocs Digital Commerce Solution - an end-to-end commerce platform that enables you to own and operate your own digital storefront and app store, and offer direct billing to off-portal and over the top merchants and app store operators. The solution automates everything from on-boarding and managing partners, to creating offers to processing payments and settlements. It's also scalable to your business needs, whether you want a hosted solution to test the waters or to own and operate a platform across multiple lines of business or operating companies. The solution is modular, flexible and designed to easily integrate with your legacy back-end systems via Web services.

Amdocs Mobile Payments Solution - a new cloud-based gateway service that makes it easy for operators to enable mobile payments for their customers, and to monetize their commerce transactions. Amdocs Mobile Payments enables operators to onboard and manage the largest set of app stores, merchants and aggregators, and process transactions for any type of goods - digital, remote, or physical. In addition Amdocs Mobile Payments makes it easy to settle against any payment method (postpaid bill, pre-paid balance or credit cards) and quickly capture new and emerging revenue streams.

Amdocs Mobile Internet Solution tracks what users do off-portal, helps them find off-portal content faster and entices them to return to your mobile portal and services - helping you drive data adoption and usage. Its key differentiator is that it personalizes the user experience down to the individual consumer - displaying the links, sites, ads, recommendations, search results, etc., that are most relevant to each user - and refreshes what they see with each click.