Amdocs Policy Gateway

Low cost, rapid turn-up of new data services for new market verticals

​​Launching new and innovative data services, quickly, is key to survival in today’s competitive market.

But lengthy IT and network development time, complex integration of back-end systems, and a lack of insight into the subscriber’s experience can make this challenging, especially for Tier 2 and 3 service providers.

Amdocs Policy Gateway is an integrated solution that provides rapid, low cost turn-up of data services in multiple markets such as consumer, enterprise and IOT. This productized policy, traffic detection and analytics solution enables service providers to develop new data services and innovative market offers while optimizing service uptake.
Amdocs Policy Gateway Infographic
Amdocs Policy Gateway delivers:

  • Out of the box monetization with reduced service creation complexity

  • Rapid time to customize and launch popular data services for new markets

  • Templates of popular use cases with customization to fit the unique needs of various market verticals, subscriber segments and geographic regions

  • Closed loop service management to create new offers and optimize service uptake

  • Easy integration with existing BSS systems

  • Cloud-reach software-only solution, ensuring rapid scalability and flexible deployment options

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