Amdocs Policy Controller

Simplify data services innovation

In today’s competitive and evolving marketplace, service providers are continuously innovating with high-value voice and data services. To enable service quality and differentiation, policy’s reach is extending beyond the network, connecting business support systems (BSS), and policy and charging control (PCC) elements.

The Amdocs Policy Controller is a high-performance policy charging and rules function (PCRF) server that is designed to help service providers monetize data services, handle the growth in transactions for voice over LTE (VoLTE), RCS and other advanced offerings, and manage the customer experience in real time. It combines sophisticated metering capabilities with a highly configurable business rules engine to apply intelligent controls for managing quality of service (QoS) and a wide range of data plan use cases.
Amdocs Policy Controller
Amdocs Policy Controller provides:
  • configurable policy toolkit approach for rapid creation of new and enhanced services

  • onboard metering engine for flexible and sophisticated time, volume, and application-based quota management

  • standards-based PCRF with broad interoperability support for all major network equipment vendors, specialists and enforcement points

  • integration with Amdocs CES 9, featuring new charging-enabled services

  • available in a virtualized deployment option enabling rapid service turn-up

  • extensive support for VoLTE, including session geo-redundancy, increased scalability and support for emergency services

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