Future-proof your inventory platform and accelerate your operations

When service providers attempt to accelerate their network operations, they often find that their siloed and legacy inventory systems are a major roadblock.

Amdocs Inventory Management solution is built to accelerate operations such as network build, service fulfillment, and service assurance by providing a detailed and accurate end-to-end view of network resources. The solution also cuts OPEX and CAPEX with advanced end-to-end inventory processes and asset management.

Tailored inventory modernization and transformation: Amdocs Inventory Management solution is designed to provide both inventory federation and consolidation, enabling service providers to unlock their inventory silos, fill gaps in network inventory coverage, and retire legacy inventory systems.

Amdocs Resource Manager is the core of Amdocs Inventory Management Solution. Amdocs Resource Manager provides a comprehensive and future-proof inventory platform for new lines of business and is also a replacement for legacy inventory systems with its large library of both new and legacy network technology metadata and business rules that span physical and logical network layers. Inventory Workflow Manager provides a built-in, powerful business process engine (BPE) that enables rapid design/assign that is over 7x faster than traditional inventory design and change tools.

Amdocs Network Navigator has been proven to accelerate user interactions by over 3x with advanced network visualizations, search and explore, and quick traverse of relationships between physical devices and logical and service layers. Amdocs Network Navigator‘s multi-source capabilities enable it to provide an advanced user interface for third-party inventory systems in addition to Amdocs Resource Manager.

Solution Benefits:

  • Faster onboarding of new network technology
  • Accelerated network build
  • Accelerated service fulfillment
  • Improved service assurance
  • CAPEX reduction due to more efficient use of network resources
  • Improved impact assessment for planned and unplanned outages

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