Network Planning

Orchestration of network rollout and change

Building the right amount of network capacity in the right place at the right time is no simple task. You can't afford to overbuild, which wastes scarce investment resources that could be better used elsewhere. Neither can you delay expansion – bottlenecks result in poor service to customers and waste other network assets. A fine balance is called for in order to meet rapidly growing and changing traffic demands. 

Take network planning to the next level 

Network Planning ensures that you utilize all your network resources affecting network capacity, including both physical and logical constraints, network configuration, IP addresses and all types of network elements.

Capacity Planning tools help you predict and avoid resource and capacity shortages

Automated Network Design capabilities find and allocate end-to-end capacity through the complex hierarchies of today’s networks. Amdocs OSS actively seeks out a choice of traffic paths, giving designers a prioritized list of alternatives to choose from and then allocating circuit or packet capacity from end to end.

The result? Accurate, timely and validated designs for each new change and upgrade. A sequence of clear equipment and configuration changes including dependencies is issued when each project starts. These can be passed to workforce management systems or directly activated on the live network.

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