Amdocs Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Take control of your services and your network

Amdocs OSS Suite Network PlanningUnified Service Manager

Next generation networks demand next generation management

The growing complexity and scale of telecommunication networks and services places ever increasing demands on those who design, operate and maintain them. Amdocs OSS streamlines and automates common operational processes, bringing benefits for CAPEX and OPEX, increased customer satisfaction and faster rollout.

Amdocs OSS delivers

  • Accurate and up-to-date resource inventory that tracks both physical equipment and logical resource allocation including both active and planned changes

  • Faster network rollout by using standard template designs for equipment configuration and transmission bandwidth requirements

  • Automated service fulfilment, dynamically allocating resources from physical ports to logical service capacity

  • Comprehensive customer network experience capabilities that monitor and assess end user quality of experience

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