Service Fulfillment

Time to market is critical to success

Customers expect new services and network capacity to be up and running quickly, efficiently and accurately. According to McKinsey research, a new product launched six months late results in a 33% loss of profit

Rapidly introduce new services

Amdocs Service Order Management allows you to introduce new multi-play services to your customers faster and at a lower cost. Each customer order is broken down into its basic components, tracked and processed to completion.

Co-ordinate complex provisioning tasks

There are often many different network elements that need to be provisioned to enable each new service. These may involve a provisioning sequence across numerous vendor equipment types and technologies. Amdocs Universal Activator rapidly and accurately activates new services over both legacy and new network elements. Automated, zero-touch provisioning reduces operational expenditure, service delivery bottlenecks and provisioning fallout typical of manual processes.

Expedite business services order delivery

One of the strongest potential growth areas for service providers is the enterprise and SMB domain, where new advanced services are introduced, scaling the number of orders processed and increasing the complexity of service delivery. Service providers need better tools in this complex service environment to track the order and automate the “lead-to-cash” process to reduce costs, prevent order fallout and accelerate the order delivery process.

Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestrator enables dynamic orchestration of complex enterprise orders across multiple fulfillment stacks, providing end-to-end visibility and project management capabilities.

Complex services with many design choices also require close co-ordination with customers. Amdocs Business Service Capture enables this at the point of sale, where the service design can be generated, discussed and agreed upon onsite during the sales process.      ​