Amdocs TeraScale

Driving more efficient charging operations

The amount of charging data processed by service providers continues to grow exponentially as new networks, services and devices continue to roll out. However, traditional extract transform and load (ETL) and data warehouses are becoming ever more challenged to store and manage the velocity, variety and volume of charging data needed for both billing operations and quality analytics.

Amdocs TeraScale delivers a solution for service providers looking to leverage the scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Hadoop in their charging operations. The solution provides a charging data store on a Hadoop cluster, and effective usage query and extract capabilities for seamless, real-time charging and billing operations. Amdocs TeraScale works side-by-side and, in synchronization, with traditional relational databases. At the same time, it reduces the capacity requirements of traditional relational databases by serving as the primary database for the growing number of zero-rated events and for historical charging data, which is otherwise costly to store.

Amdocs TeraScale manages charging data by leveraging standard industry big data storage, for cost-efficient handling of massive amounts of data with guaranteed data fidelity. With optimized processes for real-time data upload, as well as rapid extraction for data exploration, the solution drives quicker, fresher and more valuable insight from usage data. In addition, Amdocs TeraScale is certified and production-ready, delivering the performance, robustness and security required by the most demanding carrier environments.

Key Features

  • End-to-end solution for the storage, management and retrieval of charging data in real time
  • Real-time streaming of detailed charging data directly into the operational data store
  • Certified on HBASE/Hadoop
  • Carrier-grade operations, administration and management (OA&M)
  • Optimized charging data model
  • Usage queries return enriched, aggregated and correlated rated events
  • Optimized extract processes with billing-grade performance
  • Parallel writing of charging data into traditional usage database, and Hadoop for zero interruption to existing charging operations
  • Low cost and highly scalable, enabling long-term retention periods for charging data

Optimized Use Cases

Amdocs continues to strengthen the business case for the evolution to Hadoop-based data storage technology in service providers’ charging and billing operations. Amdocs TeraScale is designed to run in parallel with traditional relational databases to enable significant benefits in TCO reduction and a low-risk evolution to full billing operations on big data technology. To that end, it has been optimized for the following new use cases:

  • Closed-cycle master database – Amdocs TeraScale serves as the single master repository of all closed-cycle charging data, reducing the dependence on traditional relational databases to 45 days (open cycle + 15 days)
  • Archiving – Amdocs TeraScale offers a cost-effective, highly scalable alternative to traditional archiving solutions, while not sacrificing any data fidelity
  • Zero-rated events – Amdocs TeraScale serves as the master database and extract source for all zero-rated events. These events represent a large and growing percentage of charging events but have little or no impact on revenue. These events are still available for extract and usage queries, and are a valuable source for analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces dependence on costly relational databases by substituting cost-efficient, highly scalable carrier-grade storage on a Hadoop cluster
  • Low-risk evolution to distributed computing and storage without any risk to critical data integrity
  • Low-risk evolution to charging big data with parallel processing of charging data
  • Real-time alternative to traditional ETL processes, data warehouse and data archiving solutions, making historical charging data readily available for querying and available for regulatory compliance.

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