Network Mediation

Eliminating mediation hesitation

Today's service providers must generate business information from a huge amount of raw data that is scattered throughout their BSS/OSS networks. They then need to use this dynamic subscriber-specific business information to manage their network services, enhancing or creating new services that will keep customers satisfied.

The difference between providing a mediocre customer experience and a great one is often the right mediation system.

Amdocs Mediation

Amdocs has extensive experience in providing leading mediation solutions to the communications industry, with a proven track record of production and ongoing LTE, VoLTE and IMS deployments.

Amdocs Mediation:
  • Transforms network data into business information by collecting disparate, multi-source, raw network data, processing it and distributing the information in real time or batch mode.

  • Adds business logic to network services by enabling service providers to perform sophisticated real-time service management based on information collected from (and correlated among) multiple network elements and BSS/OSS systems.


Amdocs Mediation offers:

  • Scalability and performance to support Long Term Evolution deployments

  • Flexible and easy-to-use network data processing tools

  • Active mediation

  • Modular architecture and system processes, as well as GUI-driven and assisted system configuration

  • Adaptability to the network and BSS and OSS environments

  • Multi-project environment development, and operation and monitoring capabilities

  • Support of dual processing modes

  • Support of IMS mediation  


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