Amdocs Billing and Financial Suite

Deliver a quality billing experience to your customers

In today's world of multi-play, cloud, Big Data, and connected living, billing is playing an ever growing role and things are getting more complex. Service providers need to calculate charges based on new and sophisticated pricing and discount models, and create new charges for bundles of services across LOBs. They also need to be able to support complicated account structures and “bring your own device” (BYOD) models for business customers, while also billing on behalf of over the top providers.

The Amdocs Billing and Financial suite provides all the necessary products and capabilities to help service providers deliver on all that while providing a quality billing experience for both their business and residential customers.

The suite includes:

Amdocs Invoicing creates all charges, including recurring charges proration, discounts, taxes and invoice totals by streamlining invoice creation and processing in a short time with minimal interruptions and errors.

Amdocs Accounts Receivable enables service providers to track the success of campaigns and customers' financial history, and gain an instant and accurate snapshot of their financial position at any given time.

Amdocs Collection facilitates an accurate and manageable collection process to improve revenue assurance by preventing and detecting revenue leakage.

Amdocs Document Designer customer communications design and publication software creates bills, letters, statements and invoices intended for any type of media, to allow marketing teams to produce personalized business correspondence.

The Amdocs Billing and Financial suite is fully integrated with Amdocs Convergent Charging (Turbo Charging) to provide an end-to-end convergent billing and charging environment, Amdocs Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Amdocs Ordering to enable a full range of customer support options with complex ordering processes.

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