Service Delivery

Enable rapid execution of telecom services

Today's service providers are looking to reduce time to market and launch new services quickly and cost-effectively across multi-network environments, while capitalizing on over-the-top (OTT) and third-party developer application opportunities.  

The Amdocs Service Platform helps service providers address these challenges by providing a real-time, open, standards-based Java service-delivery environment for rapidly developing, integrating, deploying and managing communication services across any network protocol (including SS7 for circuit-switch and IP for packet-switch networks). 

It enables service providers to:
  • Expose service capabilities and enablers to third parties through ready-to-use APIs, such as call control, location, messaging and presence
  • Orchestrate any service or capability (IN, IMS and web services) in a multi-vendor, multi-technology and proprietary environment 
    Amdocs Service Platform is integrated with Amdocs Convergent Charging solution, which enables a whole set of services with pre-integrated monetization capabilities, such as bring your own device (BYOD), Facebook top-up, personal call manager and many more.

Amdocs also provides a set of user interaction and notification capabilities, which enable user interactions (during, and outside of, sessions) and real-time notifications for voice and data services.

Key benefits:
  • Drive innovation and reduce time to market of new services, whether developed in-house or by a third party across multiple networks, devices and customer types 

  • Create new revenue opportunities by exploiting network assets. Service providers can expose and monetize all valuable network capabilities (APIs), to OTT/third party developer communities

  • Ensure operational agility & TCO reduction by streamlining the creation of new services and charging logic, in order to monetize these services

  • Enrich offerings by providing a bridge between networks to make the services of one network available to another and to move network users from one network to another in a gradual, incremental fashion

  • Reduce CAPEX by federating, leveraging and reusing existing assets while progressively moving toward a comprehensive architecture

Amdocs Service Platform has over 55 live installations, deployed in more than 30 countries, which are being integrated with core switching networks from all of the major network equipment providers.​​​​​
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