OTT Monetization

Monetize Over the Top Services with Amdocs OTT Solution

A never ending selection of advanced over the top (OTT) services and applications running on all types of fixed and mobile devices is constantly evolving the connected life. This ever growing world of experiences continuously changes how users communicate, socialize, recreate, consume content, share, work and shop. As booming data consumption drives networks to their limits, and the world of OTT services becomes increasingly competitive, both service providers and OTT providers are faced with a growing need to create a differentiated user experience.

It’s time to collaborate.

Becoming a key player in the world of OTT services and applications requires a powerful and highly flexible partner enablement platform. The Amdocs OTT Monetization Solution allows service providers to leverage existing assets such as QoS to create value for OTT providers and monetize service collaborations. This is achieved by putting a wide variety of innovative, fully customizable partner management tools and flexible co-promotion business methodologies at the service provider’s fingertips.

  • Generate revenues from the rapidly expanding world of OTT services and offerings by providing tangible value to partners

  • Quickly set up and effectively manage hundreds and thousands of customized OTT partnerships

  • Respond quickly to new trends in OTT services and service provisioning

  • Enable advanced OTT service design, payment and settlement capabilities to allow for virtually any type of partner engagement or promotion

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