Amdocs Partner Management Solution

Unleash Business-to-Business Creativity

The intensifying world of sophisticated fixed and mobile connected devices, coupled with the massive adoption of innovative third party and over the top (OTT) services and applications, is making collaboration more important than ever before. Enabling a large number of diversified cross service partner engagements requires a highly flexible partner management system capable of supporting various partner agreements with sophisticated co-promotion business models.

Amdocs Partner Management Solution provides a comprehensive partner management and settlement system designed to support the complete partnership lifecycle. It offers powerful automated partner onboarding, ongoing management and performance analysis, while supporting various customer/partner engagement models with fully customizable multi-tiered settlement schemes. These are complimented by a powerful automated analytics and reporting self-service platform that can be accessed and utilized by partners to gauge their performance, tweak and design new business.

Amdocs Telecom Settlement Solution enables the automated control, management and settlement of all telecom partnership engagements including interconnect agreements, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) partnerships and wholesale acquisitions.

Amdocs Dealer Management Solution spans the entire dealer commissioning lifecycle, while orchestrating all sales channel partnership activities from recruitment through incentive management to settlement. Efficiently organize and manage any number of engagements with resellers, agencies, stores, internal sales teams and more via a central administration system.

Amdocs OTT Monetization Solution allows service providers to assume a leading position in the rapidly growing world of third party OTT services and applications by creating tangible value for OTT partners.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortlessly manages thousands of partner engagements, from onboarding to settlement

  • Rapidly engages with partners to introduce new services to the market

  • Increases partner satisfaction with automated processes, self-service experience, analytics tools and more

  • Provides sophisticated partner monetization capabilities that tap into the lucrative, over the top content and application partner world

  • Reduces operational and implementation costs by utilizing fully integrated common Amdocs product foundations

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