Amdocs DevOps Services

Drive Greater Efficiency and Streamline IT Operations

Service providers need to become more agile in order to compete. They need to be able to drive new services to the market faster, and determine quickly which are achieving their business needs, and which aren’t. Rapid feedback is essential to make quick changes and constantly meet market demands.

Streamline your IT operations with Amdocs DevOps Services, designed uniquely for communications services providers. Leveraging Amdocs’ 30+ years’ experience in large-scale projects in the communications market, Amdocs brings DevOps methodologies to service providers, combining best of breed open source solutions with our unique IP.

Services include:

  • DevOps consulting services including maturity assessment, roadmap planning and change management

  • Ongoing DevOps application development and operations

  • Enterprise DevOps orchestration for a multi-vendor enterprise eco-system


  • Faster time to market for new feature development
  • Increased quality
  • Increased efficiency

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