Managed Services

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  • Managed Transformation
  • Order Gateway

Flawless Operations for Exceptional Customer Experience

Amdocs Order-to-Activation (O2A) service enables service providers to deliver on the promise of exceptional customer experience and fast time-to-revenue, by ensuring smart and flawless operations.

The O2A comprehensive service is designed to minimize order issues and manual intervention based on predictive and preventive analytics, as well as automation based remediation with minimal touch points, leveraging unique game changing tools and IP.

The complete business service solution covers a wide spectrum of domains, from the very first touch point with the customer and order entry, through efficient operation services, field technician management and network fulfillment. 

Amdocs Order-to-Activation focuses on business KPIs and delivers end-to-end visibility and accountability with tangible business results including:

  • Reduced order fallouts and cancelations: Fallouts reduced by up to 60 percent and order cancelations reduced by up to 10 percent.
  • Reduced costs: Day-one reduction of operation costs by up to 35 percent;  automated and reduced manual work by up to 40 percent.
  • Improved customer service: Decreased activation complaint calls by up to 10 percent; decreased missed customer appointments by up to 12 percent.
  • Reduced cycle time, accelerated revenue via lead time improvement of 7-20 percent.

Optimize Your IT and Application Landscape

Service providers today are under increasing pressure to cut IT and operational costs, optimize their application landscape, and introduce new products and services quickly and effectively. Amdocs IT Managed Services offers end-to-end IT support services to help lower service providers’ total cost of ownership and drive down time to launch new products and services.

Amdocs IT Managed Services include:

IT Application Services – From requirements management through design, development, testing and ongoing support, Amdocs takes complete accountability for service providers’ entire spectrum of applications (across legacy, third-party, Amdocs and non-Amdocs applications) to deliver improved application SLAs and KPIs.

IT Operations Services – End-to-end ongoing operational support services including 24*7 monitoring, helpdesk operations, incident and problem management, leveraging the Amdocs global delivery model.

IT Infrastructure Services – Services to support the planning, hosting, operations and optimization of IT and data center infrastructure.

Key benefits:
  • Reduced total cost of ownership from day 1
  • Shortened time-to-launch/deploy new services
  • Improved business agility
  • Increased operations efficiency
  • CAPEX/OPEX flexibility

End-to-End Support for Business Transformation and Growth

In order to keep up with constant, rapid changes in the highly competitive communications market, service providers must engage in challenging transformation projects. Amdocs provides a flexible and innovative transformation approach that support business growth while focusing on efficiencies.

Amdocs, as the strategic business services partner with end-to-end responsibility and accountability, provides ongoing management and optimization of critical BSS/OSS functions. By leveraging our unique business model and financial strength, we ensure substantial, sustained business benefits, and help lower cost and reduce risk of transformation processes.

Key benefits:
  • Single focal point accountability
  • Cost reduction through flexible financial models
  • Business agility – processes streamlined and systems consolidation
  • Operational excellence through Amdocs IP and best practices
  • End-to-end services to support the transformation from vision and strategy to optimized operations

The Gateway to Great Customer Experience

Amdocs Order Gateway enables service providers to quickly realize the potential of their order entry and management process. The service abstracts orders from their original formats and streamlines them across systems and channels without the need to change the front-end and multiple target systems.

Amdocs Order Gateway provides a unified view of orders from any channel ‒ whether internal (e.g. self-service) or external (e.g. online retailers). This enables service providers to benefit from faster time to market and lower costs, ultimately resulting in an improved customer experience and increased revenues.

By delivering the solutions business teams demand while resolving IT gaps such as unconnected channels and lack of integration between systems, Amdocs Order Gateway acts as the bridge between business and IT functions, addressing a variety of needs including:

  • Dynamic addition of direct and indirect channels to maximize sales
  • Rapid realization of M&As to address new markets
  • Swift delivery of an abstraction billing layer across separate, unintegrated systems

Key benefits:
  • 360-degree view of order sources and channels
  • A unified customer experience across multiple services
  • Dramatically reduced time to market for new revenue streams with minimum investment – even during modernization
  • Reduced operational costs through simplified integration, eliminating the need to change source systems, target systems and catalogs
  • 100% accountability and commitment to meeting SLAs and business KPIs

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