Multi-play Evolution to Entertainment Services

Monetize Digital Content Across All LOBs

​​Service providers need to monetize their service offerings more effectively and increase customer stickiness. At the same time, they need to plan for a seamless customer experience that includes both traditional communications services and services of the new digital economy.

Amdocs Entertainment provides differentiating personalized entertainment-digital content offers and promotions, based on customer profiles. It enables service providers to break up the monolithic TV pack into skinny bundles to better monetize their assets and offer entertainment services to non-TV subscribers as well.

CES10 now supports transactional VoD, PPV, TV daily/weekly/monthly-passes, and VoD allowances, in addition to bundles with other LoBs as communication services and/or hard goods.


  • Content monetization via new business models

  • Fast time to market of new products and services, enabling customers to rapidly adopt creative multi-play strategies

  • Amdocs Big Data Analytics insights for micro-segmentation to cross-sell and up-sell via the end customer’s preferred channel