Multi-play CES 10 Package

CES 10 new deployment approach enables multi-play digital or B2B in production in under a year

​​Service provider BSS/OSS systems are siloed, limiting them from maximizing the full potential of the multi-play customer experience. Moreover, CSPs tend to avoid long, risky, expensive, and highly customized transformation projects.

Amdocs offers the first platform ensuring an end-to-end BSS/OSS/BDA quad-play solution in production in under a year. With a pre-defined product model, open, well-defined interfaces, and embedded best practices and business processes, the Amdocs offering shortens time-to-value for a live system.


  • Short time to value - in production in under a year

  • Embedded holistic, well-documented, E2E business processes

  • Fully adopt Amdocs world-leading best practices and pre-defined customer, product, and offer models

  • Open and well-defined standardized interfaces

  • Embedded Big Data hub

  • Uses the latest Amdocs cloud-ready CES focused on usability, simplicity, and operability

  • Enables starting with either one or a few LoBs, seamless growth to multi-play

  • Bridges between Business and IT providing business lingo, business processes, and live working systems