Cloud Enablement

Remove barriers to cloud business offerings

The market for cloud computing is growing rapidly and within the cloud services ecosystem, operators are looking to embrace the role of Cloud Service Broker (CSB).

Service providers have a great deal of information and communication technology assets that they can leverage to offer cloud services while fulfilling their role as providers to residential, enterprises and small medium size businesses (SMB) . So they’re well placed to enter the cloud services market, whether to offer infrastructure (IaaS), software (SaaS), platform (PaaS), communication (CaaS), storage as a service, or all five.

Service providers can offer business cloud services under a simple pricing structure that includes connectivity and devices, self-service provisioning, on-demand infrastructure hardware, as well as front- and back-office applications. They can also provide value-added services, including analytics and reporting, predictive capacity planning, and managed services.
Amdocs’s offering strategy is to assist services providers eliminate BSS silos by consolidating Cloud (Line of business) LOB into existing BSS assets thus become a ‘one stop shop’ Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider.

Our Cloud Service Broker blueprint covers the capabilities operators need in order to quickly and smoothly reuse their existing systems to introduce cloud services. Thus enabling their customers to discover orders, configure and consume services, all via a self-service portal

Our building blocks:

  • Support for the end-to-end partner life-cycle (PRM)
    Partner management supports onboarding of partners as cloud service providers, contracts, partner tariff plans and settlement agreements.

  • Removal of barriers to cloud business model innovation (RM)
    Unified real-time rating engine across any LOB supports any pricing model from subscription-based pricing to real-time, capacity based, QoS-based and tiered pricing plans

  • Charging and billing
    Flexible rating and billing capabilities enable support of different types of rating, billing and promotion schemes

  • Enablement of market differentiation through bundling and quick processes (EPC)
    Unified BSS offering across any LOB or payment method and quick time to market for new offerings utilizes a single unified product and service catalog across BSS