Omni-Channel Billing Experience Solution

Get ready for a new billing experience

​​The monthly bill is a service provider's most consistent, if not most frequent interaction with their customers. But for most customers, receiving and paying the bill often leaves them questioning the value of the service, and the bill itself is often unclear to the average consumer. Service providers have been unable to replace the paper bill with electronic bill presentment, leaving them with expensive paper bill production.

The Amdocs Omni-Channel Billing Experience solution helps service providers turn the negative experience of the bill into a positive one, and drive higher adoption of paperless billing. It's a unified bill data aggregation, bill generation and presentation solution with flexible, rapid design capabilities and multi-channel distribution of bills to print, PDF, interactive email and online channels. The solution ensures that bills viewed by customers across these channels are always consistent, giving agents and retailers the same view of the bill as the customer - enhancing customer service and the overall customer experience.

Key features and functionality

  • Bill aggregation and generation
  • Bill design and personalization
  • Bill presentment on all channels

The Omni-Channel Billing Experience solution allows service providers to:

  • Go green and go paperless
  • Display all data consistently across channels
  • Leverage cost-effective Hadoop storage for bill data, reducing total cost of ownership and costs