OSS Consolidation

Amdocs OSS Service and Resource Management provides a comprehensive and future-proof platform to replace and enhance legacy OSS systems.

The starting point for all operational functions is visibility and accuracy – if you don't know what you have and where it is located, you can't operate effectively. Even the smallest provider will have many millions invested in their networks and for the largest, these networks are immensely complex. Only by possessing an accurate model of both network and services can costs be minimized, so that service providers can simply experience by providing customers with the kind of unique, personalized experience that they demand.

Consolidate with our comprehensive and future-proof inventory

The Amdocs OSS Resource Manager is designed to store telecom network information and rigorously enforce the interdependencies between related elements. Physical device modeling drills down to the individual card and port level. Air conditioning and power and space constraints can be associated with any vendor equipment. To reduce time to deploy, Amdocs provides pre-configured models for most common transmission technologies, such as Ethernet, SDH, ATM and IP, showing logical connectivity across the network. Relationships between physical and logical elements are maintained.

Build the basis of a truly effective OSS

It’s surprising how many service providers are still relying on spreadsheets and direct access to network management systems to plan and evolve their networks. A comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date telecom inventory forms the basis for many advanced OSS tasks.

Capacity planning, capacity management, network design and impact analysis all require an accurate and complete network inventory. The increased efficiency enabled by a single, consolidated inventory solution delivers substantial benefits for both CAPEX and OPEX savings across the entire network cost base (and not just the immediate, and more easily measured, savings for OSS planning and design staff).

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