Product Lifecycle Management

Streamlining the communications product lifecycle

​​ Do you have issues with long and costly product launches? Can't keep up with the competition, which keeps releasing new innovative products to the market, leaving you behind? Do you see good ideas get lost in translation while the products released are just a reminder of a bright concept which sparked it all?

Implementing technologies and processes with people

Amdocs Product Lifecycle Management solution allows service providers to streamline their product creation process from idea to launch, making it faster and less costly. It also enables service providers to maintain product quality while quickly reacting to market changes.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is not just about implementing new technologies and systems; it's also about business processes and the people behind them. Amdocs Product Lifecycle Management solution offers a well-balanced proposition that includes:

  • Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog (MEC) to consolidate all product and service data into a single source

  • a Business Process Manager (BPM) which is integrated with the MEC to manage, drive and govern the business process

  • a set of pre-packaged business processes for simple and bundled products

  • a full suite of services from Amdocs Consulting to ensure that service providers get the maximum benefit from their new product lifecycle.
Product Lifcycle Management
​​ Benefits

Amdocs Product Lifecycle Management solution has evolved from the direct demands of Amdocs' customers and through the experience gained from numerous Tier 1 and 2 customers. 

  • Amdocs Product Lifecycle Management Solution is telecom-specific. It was derived from over 30 years of experience working with telecom companies worldwide

  • Amdocs Product Lifecycle Management Solution comes with a best in class Enterprise Product Catalog and best in class business process manager.

  • The solution contains pre-packaged business processes for product lifecycle management for both simple and bundled products which span more than 100 different workflow activities and over 50 supporting web forms.

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