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Be Efficient

Enabling business transformation

The demand to scale everything except costs leads service providers to deliver on escalating customer expectations. At the same time, service providers must remain open to new technologies and ways of working while continuing to operate profitably.

In order to be efficient, service providers need to use low-cost platforms and adopt best-in class-operability as well as open platforms to enable efficient integration with third-party partner systems. Agility is enabled by adopting different operational models such as flexible outsourcing operations with a trusted partner.

Amdocs helps service providers improve efficiency with the following technologies:

  • Enterprise Grade Big Data: Embrace Big Data with Amdocs Tera Scale technology - Reduce data management costs by 30-50% with unlimited scalability

  • Maximize Operational Efficiency: Unified Foundations exemplifies the Power of the Amdocs suite to reduce service providers' operational pains and cost of ownership

Amdocs Services and Amdocs CES portfolio offer comprehensive support throughout the business lifecycle to deliver business and operational efficiencies, as well as reduce total cost of ownership.


  • Amdocs Vision and Strategy - These services help you shape your business vision and strategy based on our industry-leading roadmap that leverages Amdocs’ industry expertise, thought leadership and service innovation.

  • Amdocs Delivery Transformation - With30 years of experience in the communications industry, we offer unparalleled expertise in BSS/OSS consolidation, end-to-end testing, project delivery, workforce arbitration and multi-vendor ecosystem management, as well as a global presence, an impressive network of experts and tools, and best practices and methodologies.

  • Amdocs System Integration - Our SI Services have been developed to ensure that critical business goals are met. Leading services such as end-to-end testing help ensure you receive inherent quality assurance throughout integration – from product design and development to integration, testing deployment and operations.

  • Amdocs Outsourcing - Take advantage of flexible and tailored outsourcing models which span business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, full outsourcing and transformation projects. These enable service providers to focus on their core business, reduce costs, and modernize their systems while presenting savings.