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Driving Growth
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Today’s service providers are struggling to meet the "3V" challenge:

  • Handling big data volumes

  • Increasing velocity with real-time, insightful offerings

  • Managing a variety of data sources, including structured and unstructured data, whether internal or external to the organization

The evolution of Big Data can potentially solve these challenges by providing breakthrough technological capabilities and ultimately new sources of business value. Service providers are exploring how to use Big Data to achieve greater efficiencies, develop better customer relations and better plan new products and offerings based on deeper understanding of customers.

Amdocs CES 9 was specifically designed to help service providers become more efficient. Service providers can now embrace Big Data with the following Amdocs offerings:

Amdocs Proactive Care The Amdocs Proactive Care Solution, which is enabled by the innovative Amdocs Insight Engine, is designed to allow service providers to move from reactive to proactive responses. By monitoring all relevant data sources to understand the complete customer lifecycle, and processing dynamic customer context in real-time, the solution applies sophisticated intelligence and decisioning capabilities.  

  • Improves Net Promoter Score (NPS) and revenue by applying complete customer context, so service providers can offer a unique customer experience

  • Increases loyalty and drive down churn by anticipating customer care needs and proactively addressing these issues

  • Reduces operational costs by proactively anticipating issues to pre-empt  or deflect calls to lower-cost channels

Amdocs Elastic Online Charging Amdocs Convergent Charging provides dynamic allocation of charging resources using an elastic, highly available cloud topology. It adopts In Memory Data Grid (IMDG) caching technology, presenting elastic, robust topology geared for the Omni Convergence era. Service providers can now achieve a step function in online charging scalability and operability.

IMDG is key for decoupling the business processes from the underlying infrastructure and adding elasticity to the Business Logic layer.

  • Reduces costs by planning hardware and software costs based on average utilization, rather than peak-time utilization

  • Scales servers up and down with no downtime

  • Delivers failover and high availability support, with no impact on service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Reduces maintenance costs with enhanced operability capabilities

Amdocs Tera Scale Introducing an enterprise grade Big Data solution that embraces Hadoop, the industry’s leading software framework for scalable data-intensive distributed computing, for Amdocs Convergent Charging usage database. It brings a paradigm shift in scalability and Total Cost of Ownership of the Persistent Data Layer with distributed commodity servers instead of mid-range to high-end servers, and low-cost directly attached storage instead of high-end storage.

  • Reduces data management costs by 30-50 percent with enterprise-grade unlimited scalability

  • Scales easily with low-cost commodity hardware and enable better performance

  • Unlimited Horizontal Scalability

  • Distributed architecture replacing standard storage

  • Pre-packaged appliance optimized with full operational set of tools