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OSS Consolidation

"The single inventory means that processes such as new service deployment have been shortened so that new products can be brought to market faster."

Paul Hendriks,
Chief Technology Officer at Ziggo
"The centralized service and resource inventory from Amdocs enables process efficiencies and time savings to the technical feasibility checker, which results in happy customers due to the smooth and up-to-date service provisioning."
Stanislav Pavlovic,
Director of the IT/System Integration Unit at Slovak Telekom

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Why have 100 different OSS systems when you could just have one integrated view?

Unfortunately, frequent (and urgent) demands to manage new types of equipment or technology have often meant adding yet another independent system that later becomes difficult and expensive to maintain. And while slowly weeding out individual legacy systems might work in some cases, others might require a full makeover.

The flexibility and fitness for purpose of OSS systems is becoming ever more critical for service providers who need to be able to introduce new services, technologies and equipment. And all without expanding their workforce, requiring specialist expertise or taking a long time.

So, what’s the best way to move forward from here?

Amdocs OSS Consolidation Solution is based on a scalable, proven inventory platform which can replace hundreds of legacy systems to provide a fully integrated 360 degree view.

  • Size doesn’t matter - Scalable to the largest tier-one networks

  • We can work it out - Configurable for all types of telecom technologies. This allows all network changes to be processed through a common system whether for planning, design, fulfillment or service assurance. Future introduction of new types of equipment or technology can be often be handled by configuration changes.

  • No pain and lots to gain - Such a major change could seem painful or expensive but Amdocs services have gained substantial expertise from successfully delivering hundreds of transformation projects worldwide. By tailoring the approach to suit individual customer needs, our consultants can identify and match clear business benefits with each stage of a phased implementation.
  • It’s all about the value…  It helps to significantly reduce total cost of ownership and by first helping to demonstrate the value and return on investment of OSS consolidation, Amdocs can then bring our unparalleled track record to deliver against these goals and enhance our customers’ competitive position.

  • The need for speed – Reduce time to market for new services

  • Keep it simple  – Simplify and automate planning and fulfillment processes

  • Complex doesn’t mean inefficient – Support increased volumes with reduced fallout rates in a multi-play services environment.