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Service Providers Transformation

The Whole World is Transforming

"By partnering with Amdocs and sharing a common goal, we benefit from their knowledge transfer and access to best practices... Transformation needs an environment that is clear and controllable and that is where Amdocs has had a great impact."
Scott Rice, VP,
Customer Billing Services, Sprint
"We need strategic partners that understand our business challenges and Amdocs is a critical part of our business strategy. Our business depends on Amdocs. Without a good BSS/OSS system, you cannot compete."
David Thodey,
Telstra CEO

Amdocs Transformation Study Infograph
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Our industry is expanding at unprecedented rates. In 2010, 730 billion video clips were viewed on YouTube and over 107 trillion emails were sent. It is estimated that by 2020, trillions of devices and applications will be utilizing the network.

Service providers accurately perceive their new reality - if they want to maintain their market position in a transforming industry, then they too must transform. Seventy-four percent of service providers have either already transformed, are currently transforming, or are about to start a transformation project.*

Why Amdocs?

Third party expertise is critical to the success of these projects. Amdocs has managed many successful transformation programs and is best positioned - due to our extensive experience, industry knowledge and best practices - to guide leading service providers through this process.
Our products and services, combined with deep understanding of the service provider's business, best support transformation requirements. We possess:
  • A comprehensive product portfolio across BSS, OSS and service delivery that is both feature-rich and scalable

  • A full set of services, including consulting, system integration and implementation, and managed services, covering the business processes and people aspects of the program

  • Unique domain expertise

  • A proven track record, with industry-leading, satisfied customers
Start Transforming Now

Clearly, remaining static is not an option in a rapidly-evolving industry that is flooding with new competitors. And choosing in-house transformation is really just an advanced form of business as usual - relying on the same people and resources that have taken your business to where it is today. The benefits of real transformation often include cost reduction, improved customer experience and faster time to market of new products/services.

For more information, including details about how various world regions are transforming differently, please have a look at our two white papers and other accompanying materials. You can contact us directly at

Customers list
Telstra Telefonica AT&T Mobility
Sprint Elisa ICE
Telus MetroPCS XL
TIM Brasil Kazakh Telecom

*From a global study on transformation projects that included senior IT, business and operations executives at 100 service providers that are engaged in transformation activity.