Big Data Analytics

Harness the full potential of big data with real-time analytics for powerful, relevant and actionable insights

Become Data Empowered with Amdocs
No other industry generates as much volume and variety of data as the communications industry. Service providers need to embrace this new reality to drive efficiencies through their business, ignite new revenues and improve the customer e​xperience, which is the key differentiator in this industry.

Amdocs provides a carrier-grade, big data analytics solution that accumulates, manages and transforms service providers' data assets to deliver real-time, actionable business value.

Solution highlights:

  • Intimate knowledge of the relevant data and how it’s driven from the different sources and systems

  • Carrier-grade big data platform, designed and optimized specifically for service providers’ needs, with Amdocs Logical Data Model (aLDM), an analytics-ready, industry-specific enriched customer profile

  • Data management services and domain expert data science to provide faster time to insight, the ability to optimize processes and technology stacks and achieve cost efficiency
  • Actionable analytics applications help “close the loop” in real time and get actual business value across the organization:

    • Overcome data and business silo’s and “close the gap” to completely understand the customer experience

    • Guide more intelligent network investment decisions and operations

    • Drive revenue and provide more relevant and personalized marketing offers