Consumer and Business Satisfaction Analytics

Improve CSAT and NPS metrics across the organization

Become Data Empowered with Amdocs
As service providers evolve to become more cu​stomer-centric, internal data — which can be service-centric — leaves a gap in their ability to completely understand the customer experience.

By overcoming data and business silo’s, this application suite helps care and business organizations understand what drives their customers’ satisfaction and enhances their experience, resulting in improved CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics across the entire business. ​​​
Consumer and Business Satisfaction Analytics  data sheet
This application suite features include:

  • Enterprise Experience Management: Improve business and corporate customer NPS and CSAT metrics by leveraging over hundreds of data points across care, service delivery, charging and network connectivity KPIs.

  • Care and Commerce Journey Analytics: Improve first call resolution (FCR), reduce average handling times (AHT), improve call deflection rates, boost self-care success and increase on-line store upsell opportunities with a better understanding of customers’ interaction patterns (journeys) and quickly identify and respond to issues such as, self-care abandonment or repeat calls to the call center.

  • Customer Network Care: Reduce AHT and improve FCR by presenting subscriber network information to the agent for a richer understanding of what is impacting the customer.

  • Proactive Care: Identify and resolve issues before the customer seeks care; proactively guide customers to unassisted self-service channels to reduce care costs and identify which customers are sensitive to unexpected charges, which are likely to drive inbound calls.
Consumer and Business Satisfaction Analytics Infographic