Data Hub

Unlock your data assets

The key to becoming a data empowered organization is unlocking your data assets, rapidly getting the right information into the hands of employees and generating actionable insight. However, extracting, storing and processing data from the complex, siloed source systems is a lengthy and costly task.

Amdocs Data Hub is built on scalable Big Data technology and enables service providers to seamlessly extract, process and visualize their massive volumes of data, and provides a robust data management foundation for analytics.


  • Reduced costs for data integration, storage and reporting with prebuilt collectors, a communications-specific data model and Big Data technology

  • Correlates diverse data sources into a rich customer profile to enable analytical applications

  • Speeds ‘time to insight’ for your business with best practice prebuilt reports and visualization capabilities

  • Maintains business continuity by functioning as a single gateway for the enterprise data warehouse and downstream systems which shields them from source system changes