Deep Network Analytics

Improve your customers’ network service experience

Become Data Empowered with Amdocs
Use analytics to guide more intelligent network investment decisions, identify network issues befo​re they occur and obtain a deeper understanding of what network factors influence Net Promoter Score (NPS) results.​​​
Deep Network Analytics Infographic
This application suite features include:

  • Next Best Network Investment: Combines Radio Access Network (RAN) information with BSS and customer data to proactively help network planners align network investments to service areas where the most important customers are encountering poor network experiences.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Leverage analytics to understand what network components are trending into failure and enable network teams to take proactive action to prevent outages and avoid impact on customer experiences.
  • Corporate Network Analytics for Service Operations: Provides Network Service Operations with a view of the customer experience from the customer’s eyes, and delivers tools for drilling down across multiple data sources to identify probable causes of customer impacting issues.
  • Network Policy Analytics: Close the loop on network policies and the customer experience by measuring the impact of policy on subscribers and compare planned vs. delivered network service.