High Definition Marketing Analytics

Analytics enable more efficient marketing results

Become Data Empowered with Amdocs
Use analytics and machine learning to d​rive revenue and provide more relevant and personalized offers to customers by transforming base management and upselling from an art to a science.​​​
High Definition Marketing Analytics Infographic
This application suite features include:

  • Dynamic Micro Segmentation: Allows marketing departments to understand their customer base in greater detail than ever before. It leverages analytics and machine learning for more accurate customer profiling that leads to more targeted, automated and appropriate offers.
  • Next Best Offer: Automatically recommend the most appropriate offer for each subscriber at any time and in the context of the customer’s behavioral patterns and buying preferences.
  • Charging Business Analytics: Uses charging data to get a deeper understanding of what services customers are consuming and allows service providers to identify metrics, such as recent campaign performance or what trends are driving top ups and data uptake.
High Definition Marketing Analytics Infographic