Personalize and Contextualize Every Customer Experience

In today's world of digital immediacy, consumers have high expectations. They expect personal and contextualized experiences that are simple and fast through any channel, on any touch point, at any time. To deliver the experience of one cable and satellite operators need to:

  • Move from reactive responses to proactive actions. Amdocs Proactive Care solution, which is powered by the innovative Amdocs Insight Engine, enables operators to anticipate customer issues and address them proactively.

  • Engage with consumers across all stages of the customer lifecycle, including research, shop and configure services using their preferred channel such as digital and retail. The Amdocs Digital Care & Commerce solution has been designed to empower cable and satellite operators to execute on their digital transformation strategies.

  • Cost effectively deliver a consistent and personalized user experience across channels and touch points such as Web self-service, IVR, customer care representatives and retail stores. The Amdocs Omni-Channel Experience solution enables operators to reduce costs, achieve consistency, and greatly improve the user experience.

Amdocs solutions are designed to make every experience:

  • Simple through intuitive interfaces that present only the data relevant to the transaction, and minimizes the number of steps required to complete an interaction.

  • Consistent by ensuring all channels and touch points provide the same responses and service.

  • Personal so that customers are treated individually.

  • Valuable so that customers get significant value for their money. This includes providing personalized cross- and up-sell offers that are timely and often accepted, increasing customer lifetime value and sparking customer affinity.

Industry Bodies:

CableLabs is a research and development consortium that is dedicated to its membership of cable operators worldwide. Amdocs contributes to CableLabs in the definition of interoperable solutions. These solutions are for the sole benefit of the cable industry in order to drive scale, increase customer service and enable fast response times to market dynamics. Amdocs participates in the bi-annual CableLabs conferences and in the Tek Stadium at INTX where we demonstrate innovative contributions to interoperability, including Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Business Services. As the hub of cable standards development, CableLabs easily attracts other standards bodies (e.g. ETSI, MEF, OPNFV, TMF, among others) to work in concert on broader technology challenges such as Information Modelling for NFV. Also CableLabs represents a long term innovation platform for the industry. It is currently reimagining the future of customer interfaces, testing 5G small cell technology and sensor technology in the IoT domain. ​​​