Profit from New Technologies, Services and Business Models

Cable operators are enabling their networks with IP and Wi-Fi infrastructure, as well as cloud-based virtualized services to achieve service agility.

To profit from new technologies, services and business models, cable and satellite operators need an agile platform that cohesively supports the product lifecycle from offer creation to fulfillment. The Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog is a holistic, centralized data repository that consolidates and manages all products and related information from various business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS) and network domains, while supporting the product structure that corresponds with new technologies, services and business models.

As cable and satellite operators move to more event-based services, new requirements for real-time transaction management, policy control and service agility are needed. The Amdocs Omni Convergent Charging solution removes the barriers to delivering the next generation of real-time convergent experiences through a packaged solution of core real-time products. This holistic approach from network to revenue significantly reduces complexity, as well as time to define, launch and control new services while delivering real-time customer experiences.

Cable and satellite operators want to personalize and contextualize their services. Amdocs Big Data Analytics harnesses the full potential of big data with real-time analytics for personalized, relevant and actionable insights. ​