CES Packaged Offering for B2B (enterprise and small to medium business customers)

This offering fuels business customers’ growth engines with assured business KPIs, SLAs and P&L-based quotes by automating and orchestrating the complete enterprise lifecycle from lead to care. The package includes the following solutions:

  • Amdocs Sales Quote Order Experience enables service providers to streamline their current B2B lead-to-order process to increase sales efficiency, order delivery accuracy, customer contract compliance and renewal rates.

  • Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestrator simplifies order delivery complexity, allowing service providers to better support their business customers across the order delivery lifecycle, while providing increased agility, improved time to cash and reduced cost for the delivery of complex enterprise orders. The solution enables dynamic catalog-based orchestration of complex orders across multiple lines of business and multiple fulfillment stacks. It provides end-to-end visibility and project management capabilities, as well as real-time insights and conflict resolution throughout the order execution.

  • Amdocs B2B Admin is a web-based application, incorporating a blend of care and commerce. Targeting administrators of enterprise customers, it focuses on simplifying the day-to-day management of their communications needs, and empowers users to manage interactions with their service provider independently