CES Packaged Offering for the Data Empowered Service Provider

This offering enables service providers to become data empowered organizations, giving employees the power to make decisions and take actions that are data-driven. By unlocking their data assets, it enables the right information to reach the hands of employees and rapidly generate actionable insights. The offering resolves issues relating to extracting, storing and processing of data from the complex, siloed source systems, which is normally a lengthy and costly task. The data empowered packages include the following solutions:

  • Amdocs Data Hub is a carrier-grade data management platform that enables service providers to seamlessly ingest, process and visualize their large and ever-growing volumes of data. It is built on scalable Big Data technology and functions as a single gateway to provide integrated data in the right format and structure for reporting, data warehousing and extractions to downstream systems.

  • Actionable applications provide insights and actions that close the loop in real time, contributing real business value in the following domains: network, marketing, care and operations.