Electric Vehicles

It doesn’t matter if you are an electric car retailer, smart grid operator or battery charge station provider. The Amdocs Energy solution supports all of the business processes required for your operations, starting from when the customer orders a car, all the way through to the customer sending a query to the service center and settling with your partners.

The end-to-end solution supports simple tariffs plans such as time-of-use, peak/off-peak charging and much more. The comprehensive solution is comprised of seven main components:

  • Billing and financials
  • Process-driven ordering and contracting system
  • Rating and charging software
  • Call center support systems
  • Customer self-service
  • Centralized data and resource management
  • Partner manager and settlement

The Amdocs Energy solution supports the whole customer lifecycle from shopping for an electric vehicle and choosing a tariff plan, to daily consumption and bill production. In addition, the solution supports your partner lifecycle through agreement management, event processing, reconciliation adjustments and reporting.

Amdocs is the only solution in the world with numerous commercial live deployments.

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