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Harness Data

Launch and monetize any service

People all over the world have plunged headlong into a flood of data. So service providers need to keep up with the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and profit from network investments by bridging the gap between BSS and the network. With end-to-end offerings spanning network planning and optimization as well as service monetization, coupling data monetization with network optimization is the best way to harness data.

At the same time, service providers need to scale their networks faster by shortening the time to deploy new networks, optimizing their existing assets through Wi-Fi offloading, and scaling design and management tools for current networks.

The following Amdocs offerings break down operational barriers to enable service providers to launch and monetize any service.
  • Amdocs Omni Convergent Charging defines, delivers and monetizes the next level of convergent services with productized integration across all real-time products (charging, policy and service platform), giving customers the control to decide what products they will use where and how.

  • Amdocs Policy Control accelerates data monetization through advanced policy control use cases.

  • Amdocs Network Navigator revolutionizes the way OSS users interact with the inventory with an intuitive, simple and highly configurable user interface together with personalized search and explore  functionality.

  • Amdocs Convergent Charging & Billing offers a fully productized, real-time solution with high availability and scalability, supporting all lines of business and payment methods, and complex hierarchies. Benchmarked at over 10 times faster than any industry benchmark, it is production-proven and supports over 90 million subscribers.

  • Amdocs Data Experience is the industry’s first integrated and productized IT and network solution designed exclusively to enable rapid creation and monetization of data services. It integrates policy control and online charging, rating, product catalog, subscriber management and diameter routing.

  • Amdocs Mediation is LTE-proven, with out-of-the-box Diameter support and can process over 4 billion events per day.

  • Amdocs Single Click Network Rollout automates fixed and mobile network design processes, reducing time to plan and design cell site by up to 90%.