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Policy-Driven Bandwidth Management Solution

Leverage Intelligent Network Controls to Manage Data Growth

Many service providers are turning to intelligent network controls to manage the explosive growth in data traffic and free up network capacity by managing how resources are consumed.  Service control manages subscriber access to different network types, while  policy control is dynamic and controls what happens to subscribers when they are on the network. These controls can be applied to create solutions that will better manage network capacity.

Amdocs Smart Policy applies intelligent controls that manage how bandwidth is consumed in real time. The policy leverages the capabilities of the Amdocs Policy Controller to manage subscriber usage versus the plan limit and can also: proactively “down-speed” some customers during congestion events while maintaining quality of service (QoS) for others; and apply fair usage controls based on congestion levels and subscriber behavior.  Smart Policy also enables service promotions for different data experiences at the next service tier, such as “Happy Hour” offers and limited service tier upgrades (try-before-you-buy offers).

3G-WiFi Offload

Increasingly, service providers are leveraging their WiFi assets to offload congested 3G networks.  Delivering a transparent access experience for their customers as they are offloaded to the WiFi network is a key challenge.  Amdocs Service Controller provides carrier-grade, multi-access authentication, authorization and interworking support to ensure a transparent and secure single sign-on experience for subscribers in a 3G-WiFi offload scenario.
Policy-Driven Video Optimization

As mobile devices become more sophisticated and high-definition video streaming becomes mainstream, subscribers expect a quality data experience.  For operators, this means dealing with the challenges of meeting these expectations while managing the increased load on the network. With Amdocs Policy Controller, service providers can apply dynamic, real-time policy decisions to content optimization platforms to manage how and when content should be optimized - based on service entitlements and over the top applications, during known peak usage periods or times of congestion.