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Single Click Network Rollout Solution


Many service providers are feeling swamped by a deluge of data traffic and pressured to expand network capacity quickly and efficiently, all while staying competitive by launching next generation technology and keeping a tight control on costs. With increasing numbers of network elements now being installed closer to the customer, network planning teams are expected to handle many more types and locations of equipment than ever before.

Amdocs Single Click Network Rollout is a software toolkit that embeds years of practical expertise of the common design processes used daily by network designers around the world. Automating these important, but somewhat tedious tasks, ensures that when network equipment is installed, expanded or replaced, all the technical details are accurately resolved. Field engineers are given clear and correct information for each change. Each job is then validated by a check of the live network configuration. Future planning and fault diagnosis can be based on a single view of all network equipment and configurations, inspiring confidence in service providers that they have “real world” information.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce network planning and design work by 47 percent

  • Cut network CAPEX and OPEX by 2-10 percent

  • Improve time to revenue for new network by 13 percent

  • Reduce fault analysis work by 50 percent