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The Power of Amdocs Policy Control

Power Policy
Policy control has emerged as a key strategic weapon in the race to transform and monetize the data experience. Policy control is fast becoming the natural epicenter that bridges network and IT domains to unify the customer data experience from the device to the network. Service providers need to leverage a comprehensive policy control strategy that will yield new business models and substantial customer value beyond the simple bandwidth management capabilities of first-generation policy systems.

To support this evolution of policy control, there are four key pillars that are fundamental to fully harnessing the power of policy control - pervasive network control, data monetization, network intelligence and customer empowerment. By enabling these four pillars of policy, Amdocs provides service providers with the tools to deploy differentiated services, real-time control and dynamic offers plans that truly engage customers and drive incremental revenue and access to new business models and revenue sources.


Connecting the Pillars

The power of Amdocs policy control lies in a comprehensive and holistic approach to combining the inherent dynamism and real-time control of policy with the rich capabilities of the network, and the intelligence contained in the business and operational support systems. This approach is unique in the industry and allows service providers to fully harness data for dynamic data monetization.

Amdocs policy control leverages four fundamental pillars that allow service providers to enrich and monetize the data experience:

Pervasive Network Control - extend deeper into the network to deliver intelligent policy decisions to multiple enforcement points, including to the device. Deliver application-aware services and intelligent offload capabilities, and optimize the network for rich multi-media traffic.

Data Monetization - integrate dynamic policy control with business support systems, such as online charging and product catalogs. Create accurate services and enable new service choices in dynamic balance management beyond pure time and data quotas.

Network Intelligence - leverage a combination of real-time and static network intelligence to maximize timing and uptake of service pushes and choice-of-service options for customers.

Customer Empowerment - harness real-time usage data and intelligent controls to give customers real-time control of their data experiences, including the choices available to them, and the ease with which these can be invoked.

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